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Rules of Conduct

1. This is a community where we lift one another up and encourage one another.  Any negativity will not be tolerated.  If you see negativity, please let me know and I will speak with the member.  First offense is a warning.  Second offense is banned from the group.  

2. This is a private space.  Please respect the privacy of others.  We should feel comfortable sharing and posting our triumphs without fear others will share.  Sometimes we all need a safe space to share because we are uncomfortable in the open.  Respect that.

3. Please come to me with any questions, concerns, gripes, or complaints.  I want this to be a comfortable place for all of us to support one another and learn from each other!

Rules subject to change.  I will let the group know if any need to be added as time goes on.

4. Thanks for joining and HAVE FUN!!!!!

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