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Thank you for reading my book. I initially wanted to make a great community, however I have since realized I am not a blogger or very good at keeping up with a community. Please check out resources avaiable.

About this site

After my injury, I felt lost because I was unable to do many of the things I loved and was not the same person.  I stopped moving like I had before and ate my feelings.  I became obese, unhealthy, fatigued.  After a while I decided it was time to get ahold of myself and now I am on a journey to feeling better.  Healthy.  WELL! 

I started this blog because I was sick and tired of not being able to find something out there for the average person.  Are you a tired of feeling inadequate?  Me too!  

I hope you enjoy browsing the site.  Take a look around.  Join to see more great content.

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